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Your Flying Camera Drone provides

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At "Your Flying Camera Drones" We build Flying Camera Drones and Camera Inspection Vehicles for personal and professional applications.

Capture footage of exotic locations with ease

Have you been looking for a flying camera drone that will allow you to take amazing aerial photos and video.

This question has driven the team at YFCD to evaluate dozens of UAV's, Drones and other flying cameras. Most are still in the warehouse tested and discarded as unsuitable.

Some of these Drones are expensive and made by major drone manufacturers, many costing tens of thousands of dollars however from our experience we know cost does not reflect performance. 

Marketing propaganda does not ensure you can learn to fly a drone that is difficult to fly nor does it ensure a reliable product.

Consider you are rafting down a river in Asia, driving across a the desert in Africa, conducting survey work for a mining company in the Kimberley or supporting humanitarian aid work in South America; we build our Camera Drones for the harshest place on Earth, the Aussie Outback.

Your drone will be tossed into the back of a dusty ute, driven around the farm for days then expected to work.  Camera Drones conduct survey tasks, count livestock, inspect fences, hunt wild dogs and help to access difficult locations in times of Flood. Your Camera Drones MUST Always Work and be easy to maintain.

You Need a Drone that is



"Very Long Battery Life"


We produce the best ready to fly Camera Drone packages, our Camera Drones are ready to fly right out of the Box, they all come fully tested.

Your Camera Drone is purpose built and complete in a ruggedised waterproof case with all the equipment you will need to fly for many hours or days.

Camera Drone packages have enough batteries and spare parts to take your Camera Drone on your next flying camera task or mission.

If you are a professional organisation or University conducting research and survey projects we have package options for multiple Camera Drones in one package each providing complimentary sensor effects.

Check out further options for your next Camera Drone

The team at Your FCD has developed the BEST flying camera solutions to meet YOUR requirements and at every budget.

Starter packages at affordable prices. Complete with:

  • Camera Drone
  • Control unit
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Waterproof Case

We have Flying Camera Drone Packages, these range from excellent lightweight Travel Camera Drones. Below

 A drone small enough to fit into the overhead luggage locker on most planes.

Maybe YOU need a large Heavy Lift Camera Drone suitable for professional filming or survey work.

Film YOUR Beach Holiday in Thailand film off the deck of a boat or a pull out your drone for quick lunch stop. There is always time for some filming.

When you need a Video Drone Package suitable for filming at remote sites, You will find Video Drones will easily fit into a Drone back pack and have enough room for your sleeping gear, spare cold weather clothing and 3 days worth of food.

All Drone packages have options for a waterproof case to keep your Camera Drone and Camera gear safe and dry, even on a long ocean transit thru the Southern Ocean on your way to a remote Island for one amazing photo. 

Yes You can buy Drone Kits for those Tech savvy individuals with the time and skills to build a drone. 

Most people prefer to buy a fully built and tested Ready To Fly package, each package is built with specific requirements. We discuss your needs, then we build a Camera Drone or Sensor package, each Drone Package is fully tested and Ready to Fly. 

Please give us a call to discuss your needs

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