About Us

The team at Your Flying Camera Drone has a minimum of 10 year experience flying or building fixed wing UAV's and Hover Drones.

Our team of UAV Pilots, aircraft fabricators, robotic engineers and logistic experts is based in Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Our team has experience providing UAV, Drone and Robotic networked sensor services to the Farming and Agricultural Sector, Photo tourism industry, Military inspection for IED's, Oil and Gas pipeline inspection and Gas sensing, Mining Survey work, Search and Rescue organisations and a range of other industries.

UAV Pilots

We have Qualified and experienced UAV's fixed wing and hover drone Pilots located around Australasia. 

UAV Sales Team

We have a very experienced UAV sales staff located in Australia and Australasia:

RPAS Pilots Course

Do you require a RPAS Pilot qualification for either a fixed wing or hover drone system.

Click here for further information regarding details on whether you require the RPAS Pilot qualification. 

You will only require a RPAS Pilot qual for certain applications and UAV or Drones over 2kg in weight. Click Here for further details.