Camera Drone

The team at Your FCD are proud to present our Camera Drones.

Camera Drones are built with one purpose, to produce excellent photos from a very stable Camera Drone Package.

We have been flying Hover Camera drones for 10 years in that time we have learnt what makes a very stable camera drone platform. We also know from experience that carrying a camera drone into a photo location over 20km from vehicle access by foot, mountain bike or on ski's can be hard work.

Experience conducting photo shoots in over a dozen different counties have helped shape our thoughts on what is required to do the job.

To film your mates on that first ascent of an unclimbed route on Bluff Knoll in Western Australia means walking for hours up hill with all your camera gear.

To film White water rafting on the Tully River in Queensland means first rafting to the location through some challenging Rapids and yes getting wet.

To film on a Oil Rig means fitting your Camera gear on a small Helicopter or waiting for it to arrive by barge.

This is why we developed our Travel Camera Drone Package, everything fits into a waterproof Pelican Case. Our case can and has fitted into the overhead luggage bins on many commercial international flights. 

This small HD Camera Drone quad copter package has to be the best value drone on the market today...

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