Disabled Drones

Never let your wheelchair limit your ability

You can fly to new heights 

Camera Drones can change your life for the better

The causeway bridge, Perth W.A.

A unique view, as viewed by a disabled child from his wheelchair in the car park at Kings Park, Perth W.A.

Allow those trapped in a chair to explore the world as they have never experienced before. You will be able to fly out and explore the places most abled body people will never see.

This Drone has allowed a small boy trapped in a wheelchair to fly over forest, look at waves up close and fly into a cave and explore the cave. These are only some of the opportunities.

Are you trapped in a chair and looking for a Hobby both you and your kids will enjoy, Try a drone. Kids love to explore.

Are you an ex serviceman suffering from disabling injuries, your body may have suffered but don't let your skills go to waste. Consider using your skills to conduct site surveys, photo work and even investigation. 

You can also earn money from taking amazing photos from new and unique angles.

New Careers in Aerial Photography

Looking for an outdoor profession flying drones, we have ready to fly Drones that can take off and land next to your chair.

Your wheelchair may prevent you from accessing all areas but your drone will not.

Become a Real estate photo professional or take photos for contract. Give us a call to discuss camera drone options.

Disabled Access Tourism

This Photo taken from the car-park 200m from the photo, allowing a young disabled boy to explore the beach and ruins of the old Logging Wharf at Hamelin Bay in Western Australia.

It would have taken a lot of work to push his wheelchair with roads tyres out to this point on the beach.

Disabled drone Pilot Meet a 9 year old exploring his world and walking his dog with his drone.

Boat Ramp Auguster

Explore the ocean from new heights, filmed from the comfort of a disabled access wheelchair van, and with the heating on. Filmed one frosty clear morning. 

Find great places to explore with your disabled child. There are no limits but those that society try to create.

Push new boundaries, explore new places and take breath taking photos to remember your adventures.   

We have a variety of Camera drones, many suitable for those with limited mobility, dexterity and finger strength.

Some of our Drones could be controlled with Eye Gaze technology on you IPAD or Dynavox communications tablet.

Some have GPS waypoint navigation controlled from your IPAD, Windows or Android Tablet.

Explore the world from new angles...