Disposable Drones

Disposable Drones are a new form of Drone suitable for dangerous tasks, you still need a high quality camera drone that has good range, can carry a HD camera transmit live video or photos to you in realtime.

Your reality, why place yourself or your staff at risk?? when a cheap drone for under a $1000.00 can do the job or dangerous task better and quicker. Should you lose the drone well it least your safe.

What is a dangerous Drone Task?

Well I consider inspecting the rusting gutter of any lighthouse to be a little hairy. Just consider the level of risk when you are standing on a ladder attached to a inspection harness 150ft of the ground. It's dangerous.

A Camera drone can conduct the same task in under 10mins with minimal risk to the inspection crew and the public.

Wildlife Photography

How do you feel about filming or getting that great photo of wild animals out in the bush.

Getting up close to any of the following will be a challenge:

  • Wild Dogs
  • Croc's
  • Sharks in Shallow water
  • Snakes
  • Bears
  • Eagle nest

The list goes on

Extreme Photos

Ever dreamed of filming that one shot of larva spitting out of a Volcano in the Pacific Islands. Dangerous Yes, but with a disposable drone very achievable.

Stream HD Photos or Video direct to your Laptop upto 2km from your drone which is doing the down and dirty task of filming in the Volcano.

You may get several trips from the one drone or you may lose it in the first flight, but you will capture every frame until it disappears into the hot molten rock.

Extreme Sports

Why place your body in the line of a fast moving vehicle when your can capture extreme off-road vehicle rallies with your disposable camera drone from the comfort of your car with the air-con on. We can provide 30 mins of solid HD video capture.

War Zone Photography

Why turn your head into a target for snipers

When your hard to shoot Disposable Drone can capture these photos

You don't get paid when your in Hospital



Live to Film Another Day

You only live once
let your Drone do the
Dangerous Work...

The DJI Mavic Pro is the best small disposable drone available on the market today.

It used to be the Phantom but DJI have now released the Mavic Pro and for under a $1000 you will not beat this price for a professional, small but ultimately Disposable Drone.

If you want one at a great price click here for more info