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If you are finding it difficult to select the correct Drone, UAV, RPAS or UAS from the hundreds of Fixed Wing and Hover Quad aircraft then I can assure you we can help.

The Team at Your Flying Camera Drone has significant experience and over 15 years building and flying Autonomous UAV's and building Ground vehicles. Much of this experience has been learned the hard way, through trial and error when providing UAV's to the farming sector, Camera Drones for the Military, Inspection Drones for Construction, Mining and also the Oil and Gas sector.

We have provided small drones to be fitted to a skidoo so the ski patrol inspection crews can inspect power lines, sewage ponds and ski-chair lifts towers in and around ski resorts. These small drone save your people from putting them self at risk in sub zero temperatures, a high risk climb up an ice encrusted tower, now only takes 2 mins with your drone your inspection team is safe on the ground. Take a photo and stream it back to the engineering department in realtime.

These companies operate in some of the most in-hospitable places on Earth. Our drones have never failed to operate, are easy to fly, quick to learn, simple to maintain and cheap to run.

We are providing affordable Drones and UAV's for personal use in film making and Tourism, Travel Photography and for a range of industries, these range from Real Estate Photography, Crop inspections on the farm, adventure videos, surfing movies filmed off the deck of your support yacht, small tender and even off a sea kayak. Film motocross events and even wild life survey of birds and animals in places like croc infested swamps. Do you need to hunt feral pigs ruining crops or wild dogs that are devastating your livestock, gain an advantage.

We also provide Drones suitable for emergency service such as the Country fire service, these hard working people are fighting fires, putting their own life's and risk and trying to stay ahead of a fire front.

Drones can help to keep your people alive by providing the most up to date information even in the most difficult country. Why drive up a mountain when your drone can do this task in 2 mins

We know that small affordable Drones have significant opportunities to provide our hard working emergency services personnel, fire, rescue, police, army with a flying camera that will save lives. 

Save a child who has fallen down a cliff, your flying camera completes the recon and lets you know what equipment you need whilst your team is getting ready to rope down and rescue the child. Fly your drone down a cliff to a child trapped on a ledge and over our intercom system tell them they are safe and you are going to rescue them in 10 mins, ask what injuries they have.

Attach a light rescue line of 4mm kevlar and a PDF to your drone and fly this to a person trapped on a vehicle in flood waters, drag them to safety.

Drones will change the way you operate, save you money and keep your people safer and for a lot less money than you think.

Please send us a email or phone us to discuss your needs @ Your Flying Camera Drone. Our Team has helped a lot of people to realise their ambition to use Drones as flying cameras and safety tools..

Mil spec UAVs for Tactical Operations

We can provide advice on UAV and Drones from simple DJI ready to fly solutions to a top end ISR platform for day and night ISR. Buying a drone is easy, buying and maintaining an entire fleet and UAS system can be a challenge.

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