Drone Business Insurance

Yes you will require Drone Business Insurance if you are going to conduct a business flying any form of Drone. 

Company Fined $10,000 by CASA (FAA) for flying Camera Drone at sporting event!!
This is nothing compared to what the the person who was cut by the
Drone will want in Damages,
Court case still pending

$10,000 is going to hurt but what will the Judge award the woman with deep cuts to her body, yes it's rare but it happened. This could break you or worse.

Drone Insurance Business Quote

I have been quoted anywhere from $15,000 per year to $700 per year for the same level of insurance for the same business and the same number of Drones.

We have spent a lot of time discussing this subject with other Drone business owners, any money we can save on the bottom line is money in our back pocket. This mean we are putting money in your back pocket and making your Drone Business more profitable.

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