Drone Kits

A selection of the best Drone Kits available in the world today.

The DJI Phantom 

The Phantom, this is a great update to the Phantom 2 Vision. DJI continues to exceed all expectations of what these small quad-copter camera drones can achieve. Great photos and video, the perfect travel drone.

DJI have produced a very exciting camera package. Stream Live HD photos and video up to 1km, amazing!

This aircraft is so new we don't even have test results. Testing is taking place as we speak. At Team Drone we test our equipment to destruction to ensure we only sell the best gear to you.

Our test team of drone pilots did give us a phone call as they were so excited by the initial flights, super stability, rock solid video and more to come.

Stay tuned for further updates on the amazing Phantom 2 Vision Plus under testing in sunny Perth, Western Australia. Yes we will provide photos.

Order now to secure your flying camera. We have Kits and Camera Drone Packages available. Call us to place your ORDER NOW or risk being disappointed.

Our Camera Drone Packages are ready to fly, pretested and tuned.

The Camera Drone Package is the ultimate ready to fly Drone. The ultimate flying camera for your next camera mission. We only have one package left.

You can spend days putting a kit together and weeks trying to buy all the extras you need from China or you can buy a ready to fly package and drive to your next location or flying camera video shoot as soon as you have it. Your Flying Camera Package has enough batteries, chargers and spare parts to keep you flying all week.

We are trying to order more stock however there is a global shortage driven by increased demand. We have been advised it could be 8wks before we see more stock. Get in early so you don't miss out!

The Phantom 2 Vision

Phantom 2 Vision - This Drone Kit is possibly the best all round quad copter Camera Drone. If you have been looking for a simple Drone kit quad copter that also takes fantastic still photos and very good video footage.

For more information click here

For more information on upgradeable options for Phantom, Click Here

Please be aware Drone Kits will require RC model aircraft assembly skills. You will also need PC software skills.

Drone Kits can be a lot of fun and a great way to learn about building Drones and UAV's. The downside can be poorly built drones that may not have been put together correctly, together with a lack of testing will result in either a crashed drone and the additional expense to fix it or worse a Fly Away.

I often have people phone and ask why the Drone Kit they purchased from China or over the internet has a mind of its own and will not respond to commands or sadly has flown away and is now lost. The lucky few may find their Drone out in the paddock.

Most internet resellers have no interest in their problems or how to fix it and the purchaser is then left with a broken drone and the inconvenience of searching internet forums to find an answer.

Simple things such as loading the incorrect software or changing critical flight settings or even checking that the drone is put together correctly and you don't have a lose GPS fitting or a radio transmitter interfering with your onboard compass can all result in a fly away.

Then consider some manufacturers release software updates to flight controllers without ample testing, there have been hundreds of bad software releases, many resulting in a damaged or lost drone.

DJI Phantom with 2 Axis Gimbal for GOPRO

Phantom 2 - The ultimate Camera Drone kit, the Phantom 2 Drone Kit provides a solution for anybody wanting a small lightweight portable drone. This Drone Kit is suitable for capturing amazing video and photos.

The Phantom 2 has a number of camera and gimbal options that will turn your Phantom into a very capable flying camera or flying video.

If you are a budding film maker and want to capture aerial photo's or video then this kit will be a very good introduction to aerial footage. 

You may also need to consider using a GPS Waypoint system click here for more info

Looking for a Professional Movie Drone

The S1000 can give you the ultimate professional movie drone. The 5D was used to film Navy Seals and you can use it to film your short movie or Doco.

A S1000 can also be used to carry a Black magic Video Camera. Film for 20 minutes with a heavy lift camera drone. 


Please call us before buying a drone over the internet. We can discuss your needs and determine your current level skill level and identify the right product for you.

This quick assessment will save you many days of pain and frustration and thousands of dollars of your hard earned money AND most importantly this will help you decide if you want a drone kit project or a flying camera or a camera drone ready to fly out of the box.

Please call us now to discuss your needs!