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Drone Trends, Issue #097 Drone buying tips
March 26, 2017
Regards Trev

Drone Trends: Issue 097 - Travel

Drone Trends: Issue 097 - Travel

G'day From Perth,

Whats new in the VTOL Drone space. What is the game changer?

In one word DJI MAVIC Pro.

Its really hard to find a better priced Travel Drone than the DJI MAVIC Pro.

Lets face it where can you purchase an amazing travel drone for under $1000.00. with all the gear that is loaded into such a small drone.

There are some really amazing small drones on the market, but you will never find a Small Drone that will even come close to the DJI MAVIC Pro or compete with the DJI MAVIC Pro as the most useful travel camera drone I have ever used or flown.


For more detailed information regarding how the DJI MAVIC PRO can change your life and become an essential part of your travel camera gear. Click on the following link.

MAVIC PRO - CLick Here

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