Disabled Drone Pilot

Meet Jack a disabled drone pilot, Jack is learning to use his fingers through Drone Therapy.

Cause and effect. Jack Drone has a self centered controller, we set his altitude and he uses a single stick to push his drone around. Chase his dog Foxy for some exercise, take some very cool selfies at the river and explore places like fly into a sunken cave entrance. 

The drone not only allows Jack to learn it also allows him to explore his world beyond the limits of his wheelchair.

Jack and his dog Foxy chasing the Drone up and down the river a great way to exercise his dog.

Click here for Jacks Cave Video

Shark Drone

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. Now we have sharks flying Drones. Jack though it would be great fun to mount his latest project on his drone and fly it around the river.

The First video of Jack's Shark Drone adventures.

Help Find a Cure for my little Drone Pilot

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