Farming and Agriculture 

Regardless of whether you are looking for a simple camera drone to inspect your crops and animals or to inspect difficult to access areas of your property when conducting a muster.

Maybe you need a more comprehensive mapping solution to conduct detailed crop survey. Inspect your crops health on a regular basis or to establish a baseline to ensure you are providing enough water, fertiliser or pest control.

We have some clients who want to inspect livestock and stock yards up to 50km from the station house. We know that driving around your property inspecting fences, stockyards and stock traps can consume a whole day, this is providing you don't get any flats on the truck or bogged on a river crossing. 

We can provide autonomous fixed wing drones that can cover hundreds of km's in a day, with flight times from 1 hour to half a day.

The ultimate lightweight Easy to Fly Farm Drone, complete with all the equipment you will require.

Our  Camera Drone will provide up to the minute live HD video and aerial footage of your emergency site or search and rescue location.

Stream live HD video back to your truck or house while the Drone is still flying.

Stream HD 14 Meg photo's to your team while your mustering on the station. These Photos contain GPS data embedded.

Aerial Photos and Video on Demand

Why buy a Farm Drone to conduct
Air Photo Tasks

  • To speed in the recovery of lost Stock. 
  • To search locations far too dangerous for humans.
  • To search over fast moving water.
  • To carry mail across a river in flood
  • To search cliff faces and mountain terrain.
  • To film a country Rodeo or muster .
  • To provide up to date photos of your property
  • To provide updated information on your crops health
  • To capture and stream live video.
  • To send current images with GPS data to your team.
  • To provide a visual reference in the sky for night searches
  • To capture some really get video of life in the country.

Drones will provide real data when you need it

Let your Drone capture some amazing images of your property.

"This technology has the potential to save you a significant amount of money".

Do you need to find a worker who has wondered off into the bush or not returned from checking fences. Do your workers need a safe method to quickly look for stock when on their quad bike. Fly over thick bush looking for a stock or a person very quickly, you will be able to fly over country that is impossible to drive through.

Choose a GPS tablet with waypoints to upgrade your Farm Drone. This will enable your drone to conduct Autonomous Flights doing a grid search, sit back and study your live video monitor while your Drone allows you to search an area with minimal manpower.

IPAD GPS Waypoint enabled Drone

You will be able to see a person injured in the bush when your drone is 400ft in the sky