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Camera Drone Packages

The team at Your Flying Camera Drone can provide you with the ultimate camera drone, a camera drone built to meet your specific needs.

We only sell the best quality equipment that has been tested by us. Loads of manufacturers will sell you a camera drone and never ask what do you what to achieve, how long you want to fly for the list goes on, we want to know the following:

  • where are you planning to operate,
  • do you need Australian or Europe power connectors,
  • do you need a car charger,
  • how long do you need to fly for at one time, and with what camera,
  • how many hours do you need to fly for in one day,
  • do you need to carry your Drone up the side of a mountain to film your mates rock climbing? then we can provide back packs for your drone, 
  • are you looking for a great lightweight Travel Drone for travel photography?
  • do you need a drone to carry a DSLR such as the Canon 5D or do you need a black magic camera to capture amazing cinematic film like effects.
  • Do you need a WIFI video link that will stream HD video and still,
  • Do you need secure and encrypted data for professional applications.
  • Do you need a Disposable Drone? a drone for filming scenes to destruction. Capture the ultimate footage at affordable prices. 

We have the perfect Camera Drone for you. Our all rounder in the The Travel Drone, this Camera Drone Package will meet most of your needs to capture amazing photos and fit into a small Drone travel case. Our travel drone package has an option for a case that will fit into the overhead locker on any International Flight.

We often travel with our travel drone and lightweight travel camera gear (Canon T2 and lens also a Sony RX100) all packed into a small pelican case ready to go, lightweight and robust. There are limitations to small drones but this photo was taken in 20knots winds with one of our travel drones.

Maybe you need a heavy lift camera drone to capture high quality HD professional video for special events, documentaries  and to produce your own movies. 

The Team at Your Flying Camera Drone can provide heavy lift drones that are suitable for professional applications.

Medium Lift flying Camera: Suitable for a GOPRO, Sony Nex 5 and other mid sized DSLR cameras

Heavy Lift Flying Camera: suitable for Canon 5D, Sony, Black magic and even the Red Epic.

Can also be fitted with a HD WIFI video link that can provide secure and encrypted data at ranges upto 2 km.

IPAD Gps Waypoint Drone

Do you need a GPS Drone to fly preplanned waypoints for your next photo or video project.

With our GPS drones you can film completely hands free, its set and forget. Program your drone then send it on its way. You can then film rock climbing, motor-cross stunts with the perfect angle. Film any extreme sport with a simple to fly and easy to learn camera drone.

We have a range of different options suitable for any application.

To find out more about Waypoint navigation Drones

The team at Your Flying Camera Drone has the knowledge, experience and drive to produce the best flying camera solutions for your needs.

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