Rescue Drone

The ultimate lightweight Easy to Fly Rescue Drone, complete with all the equipment you will require to provide up to the minute live HD video and aerial footage of your emergency site or search and rescue location.

That was until the MAVIC Pro was released

DJI has changed the game to a whole new level. The DJI Mavic Pro has become the GO TO Drone of choice for professional Rescue teams.

You will ask Why: Good Question and the answer is simple.

it works, is simple to fly and very cheap to purchase

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MAVIC PRO: Click Here

People ask me why I send you to DJI direct store, it simple I cannot compete with DJI, I used to sell this product and upgrade them to be better rescue tools.

You cannot improve on the MAVIC for the price, at a little over $1000.00 it is the worlds best rescue drone for daylight operations. 

If you need a high-end Day / Night Drone or filming Drone I can help you but not for $1000.00.

There is no margin in this product and DJI provides a very good service and spare parts, go direct and save.

Buy the Mavic Pro it is small enough to be strapped on your hip on in a small back pack and carried into a rescue location.

I would rather see rescue organisations spending money on great gear.


Aerial Photos and Video on Demand

Do you have a rescue helicopter on demand? If you do then read no further... A manned helicopter will provide up to 2 hours of service but will then need to return to base to fuel up.   

Your Drone will work all day, just keep changing batteries and putting the flat ones on you in car charger.

Mine Rescue Drone

Are you looking for the ultimate Mine Rescue Drone to assist your mine rescue team. Our Mine Rescue Drone is:

  • Simple to learn
  • Easy to fly 
  • Quick to learn
  • Has a very long flight time
  • Excellent camera
  • Long video transmission range

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Rescue Drone Searching Sand Dunes

Rescue Drone being used to search for a person in large Sand Dunes North of Perth.

The Rescue Drone Flying at 400 feet was able to fly out upto 1km and Search deep valley's in Large Sand Dunes, these sand dunes are difficult to navigate safely. You can cover large sections of Bush very quickly at 10 meters per second for an endurance of 30 mins.

On how many occasions do you conduct a search looking for a child lost in the bush. A person who has fallen down and now trapped on a cliff. A position difficult to access and hard to see.

A car trapped in flood waters, do you send out a swimmer to see if anybody is trapped inside, risking the life of the swimmer

On how many occasions has the rescuer become the victim?

There are only a few Professional Rescue Helicopters in each state. What happens when you need that helicopter and it is already tasked, you are left with little option but to conduct your search by vehicle, boat or on foot.

How long would in take to get your rescue boat and crew 300 meters off shore looking for a boat capsized in the surf between the reefs. 3 minutes or 1 hour.

This photo taken in 20 knot winds and choppy conditions. Fly out to sea searching a dangerous surf zone in only a minute. This Rescue Drone was flown from a sandy track 300m behind the dunes as the beach was to difficult to access at high tide.

Why buy a Drone to conduct Rescue Task

  • To help preserve the lives of those conducting the search or rescue.
  • To speed in the recovery of lost persons. 
  • To search locations far too dangerous for humans.
  • To search over fast moving water.
  • To carry a rescue line and PDF to a child trapped in a river.
  • To search over earth quake zones.
  • To search cliff faces and mountain terrain.
  • To search snow covered terrain quickly.
  • To provide upto date photos of a fire.
  • To provide Fire Fighters with information on people trapped.
  • To provide Fire Fighters with a small drone that can carry chemical detection equipment.
  • To provide the best upto date information to the Rescuers.
  • To stream live video of the rescue site to the planning team.
  • To send current images with GPS data to the control centre.
  • To provide a radio retrans in the sky.
  • To provide a visual reference in the sky for night searchs

Drones are Disposable People are Not

Let your Rescue Drone do the heavy lifting in your Rescue Team, conduct the first inspection of a chemical fire quickly and safely. Fly over an unstable building looking for survivors of an Earth Quake or Avalanche.   

Carry a Kevlar line and PDF to a person trapped on a Car, in a fast moving river. Every minute counts in a rescue situation, your drone can cover 10 meters per second and fly over any dangerous ground to help you rescue this person. 

This technology has the potential to provide your emergency service personnel with the edge they need to save lives.

Cover thick bush looking for a person very quickly, you will be able to fly over country that is impossible to drive through.

The New Phantom 4 can achieve close to 30 min Flight Times, YOU can search a lot of ground in 30 minutes, your Phantom can travel at 20 metres per second over the worst country and can maintain a hover over a lost person in upto 30 knot winds. Even at night the Phantoms flashing light help guide to the lost person or obtain a GPS location and send it to you team in real time.

If you want a better drone than the MAVIC Pro and are operating from a quad bike or vehicle consider the Phantom 4, it will be more stable has longer flight times and can stream images out to 5KM.

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