Robot Wheeled Drone

Wheeled or Tracked Robot
Mining Robot

Do you need a ground Robot or Wheeled Drone. We have been building ground Robots with wheels and tracks for over 20 years.


We have built Robots for specific requirements in the mining sector for inspection tasks considered too dangerous for humans.

These simple robots are remote controlled and can conduct inspections of overhung and unstable rock formation.

Tasks such as lowering camera's into a Stopes or mapping tools such as LIDAR and inspecting underground water logged shafts with our Amphibious swimming Robots.  

Use robots built to withstand the corrosive environment found underground.


Robot designed to for a light footprint to conduct mapping and survey operations on extreme terrain such as unstable salt lakes or settling ponds. Why risk expensive equipment and the lives of your staff when we can provide robots that stream live data from your survey robot in real time, we can stream high volumes of data and video upto 100mbs over 50km.

Oil and Gas - Inspection Robot

Gas inspection Robots make dangerous inspection tasks

safer for your staff

Improve your production capacity with less down time

Your Robot can inspect areas that would normally require venting and down time

Provide 24hr patrols or inspection tasks using robots fitted with Thermal Cameras and gas monitoring Sensors designed to operate in conditions as extreme as the snow covered Arctic to the Searing heat found in the Deserts of Kuwait.

We have experience building and operating robotic solutions in some very tuff conditions.

Security Robot Guard

Mobile security patrols are now common place in many business, sadly this is a sign of the times when we need to hire security to protect our business's. We hire security companies to install security hardware and then we hire more personnel to provide roving security patrols of the internal buildings and external fences.

Have you considered using mobile Security Robots as part of a mesh security system. Your mobile Security Robots can ID, record, respond and alert the police of intruders. You robot security guard will follow intruder, they are even able to be shot at all in the line of duty. 

Farm Robot

Coming from the land has driven us to find ways to improve the lives and productivity of hard working farming families. We know how hard it is to be the Jack of everything. 

It is time to start outsourcing those jobs that can be easily done by a simple robot. We are not talking about Robots that will do your kids mathematics homework, we build simple man friendly robots.

If it can't be fixed with a hammer, some fencing wire and roll of gaffa tape and some swearing then it should not be on the farm. Ok if you cook the Robot Brain we will send you a new one, simple plug and play. Everything else we keep simple.

Farm Robots - Built in Perth Australia

We build the Following:

  • Robot lawn mower for vineyards and orchards 24 hr operation
  • Robot Animal Feeders
  • Robot ScareBots to protect animals and crops
  • Robot Fruit Bins 
  • Robot inspection tools for confined spaces to protect you staff
  • Robot pond aerator and feeders
  • Robot fertilisers 

Robot Lawnmowers
Professionals Maintenance of
Golf Courses and Schools

We can provide Professional Lawnmowers that will operate autonomously to mow large area such as Schools Ovals and Golf Greens.

Robot Mowers need to be built or selected for the correct task. We provide advice on Robotic Lawn Systems.

Most Robotic Lawn mowers are not suitable for application where people are present.

Robotic lawn mowers can save you thousands of dollars off your operating budget.

Why task your highly trained staff to conduct boring and dull mowing tasks such as mowing the Rough when your robot mower will work all night with little or no supervision.

Save your staff to focus on high value task like making your greens just perfect.

More information on which robotic lawn mower is suitable for you

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