Tactical Hover Drone

Need a High End Tactical Drone for your next mission. Do you need to see at night using Thermal Imagery or would you like to map a location using Lidar laser mapping tools.

Hover Drones can provide unlimited opportunities for those willing to explore new technology

The use of Tactical UAV's and Drones has been common practice since before the Gulf War. Soldiers are always looking for methods to even the playing field with the enemy.

A small SF vehicle patrol operating deep in the desert can monitor dead ground out to 10km or even further with a small tactical fixed wing UAV.

Hover Drones can be used to fly from 1 - 5 km out from your position to monitor any movement. Hover Drones can fly at altitudes up to 2000ft and at this height you can see great distances.

Using a Hover Drone to clear the road ahead, look for potential ambush sites.

Security Professionals

A small team of security professionals conducting Embassy security and PSD or Security tasks can monitor the local area around the Embassy, control access routes and deny any dead ground to the enemy out to 1km with a small Tactical Hover Drone.

Both the UAV and the Hover Drone preform similar tasks and both are capable of streaming live stills or video back to the base station.

Hover Drone for use by PSD Teams

The Tactical Hover Drone is the perfect tool for a small team conducting PSD and Security tasks.

A Tactical Hover Drone will enable a team to monitor the local area around their forward operating base or FOB. They are perfect for Embassy protection details, you will no longer have dead ground or worry about high risk access routes when you have a flying camera.

The Tactical Hover Drone will gain easy access to routes and any dead ground out to 1km, these small drone can stay airborne for up to 30mins, travel at 10m/s and coverup to 15km on one battery. A battery change takes only 15 Seconds and you can carry enough batteries for a days task, all in a small travel case. You can charge batteries on the go with your car charger, just plug into a standard 12 volt plug fitting.

The industry standard is normally about 12 mins for a small hover drone, we provide Tactical Hover Drones with 30 mins flying endurance, double the time double the range.

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See at Night with our Thermal Camera Drone

80% of the time you will use your drone during daylight hours however there are many occasions when you will need a night viewing capability. 

We have a range of small thermal cameras that will enable you to find the enemy at night or in low light condition. Our Thermal Camera Drones will enable you to see at night and identify a man sized heat source up to 1km away.

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Working on boats, use a hover drone off the deck of your boat to clear ahead.

Handsfree GPS Drone for perimeter security 

Need a drone to conduct pre-planed flights around your area, we have drones that can conduct autonomous flights with the use of a simple App on your IPAD Just program the routes. Click here for more information.