Drone Research and Development

Now is the right time to explore using a flying camera drone to help you in your next Research and Development Project.

Team Drone knows the frustration you are feeling while you try to identify the correct fixed wing or hover drone for your R&D Project. 

We have spent the last 20 years researching UAV's, Drones and ground robots.

Drone R&D Projects

Just a sample of the projects some of our clients are using drones for:

  • Mapping sites
  • Capturing images and video of old buildings for history
  • Filming Wildlife such as wild dogs and crocs 
  • Filming the environment as it changes
  • Sampling the mucous from a whales blow hole
  • Providing video of IED's in the battlefield
  • Conducting water testing on mine waste water

Give Team Drone a call and let us help you get the perfect Drone for your next R&D Drone Project.

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