Farm Robots

The future of farming is using Robots to do the job's you do not want to, the jobs too dangerous for you and your staff or if your finding it difficult to get staff then it's time to embrace robots as you new workforce.

Robots will not replace people but they will help people, your staff to be more productive, robots do not sleep, robots can work 24 hour shifts, robots can continue to operate in high intensity periods such as during your harvest. 

Imagine you employ 2-3 people to supervise a dozen robotic harvesters or robotic fruit sprayers, they operate all night long getting your fruit or vines sprayed before the next weather event.

Your human robot supervisor can supervise your robot sprayers from the comfort of you mobile operations vehicle your land cruiser and a tablet computer. Occasionally stopping to top up sprayer tanks with more product and refuel robots or change out battery packs.