Fixed Wing UAV

Looking at 10hrs plus flight times in a small package we can help

If you are looking for long endurance UAV's then you will need a fixed wing UAV. 

Fixed wing UAV's have been flown since the early days of fly by wire, then came Remote Control control devices (RC Controllers) and now we have fully autonomous programmable UAV's.

It doesn't matter whether you are looking for a basic camera drone to record images of the outback or a high-end man portable ISR platform for keep you safe by day or night, the team at YFCD has experience building and operating a range of fixed wing drones. 

Buying A Fixed Wing Drone

Buying a fixed wing UAV does not have to be expensive if you only need daylight photo or video products.

Drones can provide any of the following:

  • Crop Inspection
  • Photo Drone
  • Video Drone
  • Chemical Sensor
  • Radio Retrans for emergency services
  • Site Survey and mapping

The Team at YFCD can provide systems starting at under $5000 AU. Our systems are fully autonomous and can be controlled from your mobile phone or tablet.

Stream live video footage direct to a video monitor or your phone, record HD video and photos. 

Attach chemical sensors to your Fixed Wing Drone for conducting environmental monitoring of large Worksites or Minesite.

There are so many options when considering a Fixed Wing Drone

Simple Fixed Wing Drones

Do you need a simple camera platform that is easy to fly, tuff and durable and cheap to maintain.

UAV Drone Consultant 

The Team can build a Fixed Wing Drone for your application and at a great price. You can also hire our UAV Robotics engineer as a consultant if you are working with another company, how do you know they are providing you with cutting edge technology.  

It is alarming the number of times I have been asked to fix or improve a UAV system that is not operating correctly.

I have inspected some very expensive fixed wing UAV's or Drones only to find the Autopilot or Radio Command system is only hobby grade gear packed in a black box.

When I ask the owner why he spec-ed hobby grade gear for such an expensive system, not surprising the answer is normally "I paid $20,000 for that" when you tell them it is only $300.00 on Ebay they normally get a little pissed. Not surprising.

You do not need to be an expert in UAV's to get the best UAV for your role you just need to ensure that the UAV you are purchasing is suitable for the role and the support systems are up to the job.

Basic Fixed Wing Camera UAV / Drone 

UAV Starter Drone

You will get a complete fixed wing camera/video package with controller, batteries, charger and waterproof carry box for under $5000.

This is only one of many simple drones we can provide.

We have loads of experience building a range of UAV's right up to automating full size Aircraft to become UAV's or manned UAV's.  

These simple fixed wing drones are quite tuff, easy to fly and parts are readily available also they are quite cheap. We can fit a range of high end optics or sensor to this and many other low priced UAV platforms.

Consider a low priced platform and upgrade if you need to but you will be surprised what these platforms will do.

YFCD Fixed Wing Camera Drone 

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