Paper Drone

Discover some amazing Paper Drones. It could be argued the earliest UAV's and Drone where made from a light timber frames and paper or fabric skins.

The introduction of computer graphics, CNC machines and 3D printing has changed how drones are designed and built. Drones are even being built from vegetable material such as corn starch. 


San Francisco-based Company Otherlab is building Paper drones out of cardboard, drones that are designed to airdrop medipaks, batteries, comms gear and other valuable equipment. These drones are enabled for a one way mission to insert drones for dangerous or for time sensitive jobs.

The gliders are programmed with a destination. Once launched from a mothership, a cargo plane or smaller. A autopilot steers each craft to its target. The drone doesn’t need motors minimal battery, they are meant to have as much room as possible for payload.

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