Aerial Photos

Please find Aerial Photos taken by the team at Your Flying Camera Drones with our Drones 

Filming a sunset over the Indian Ocean near Wedge Island W.A

Film with confidence over the Ocean for up to 30mins

Take amazing photos in high winds

25 knot winds surrounded by ocean

Holiday Photo's We were able to capture some amazing photos in Thailand using our Travel Camera Drone.

Just imagine obtaining images like these. Open your camera drone pelican case, fire up your drone in under 2 mins, take 20 photos and video cover several km's and move on to the next locations all in under 10 mins.

Consider the Travel Drone if your are looking for the ultimate lightweight camera drone. 

Taking photos of a river in a village in Southern Thailand 

Take off and land on the deck of the boat

Capture photos of the Beach and fast boats, even in high winds.

Conduct inspections of difficult access locations

 Using Low Risk Affordable inspection Drones

Capture Real Estate photos with ease using a Camera Drone

The beautiful Watershed Winery in Margaret River,

in Western Australia

Take photos for the Tourism industry. Photos of amazing locations and from unique angles.

Hamelin Bay, Western Australia

So many possibilities 

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