Real Estate Drone

Have you been trying to find a Real Estate Camera Drone that will help you to take stunning images. Take images of your houses that will enable you to display the house to its full potential. Capture your houses listed for sale from unique angles and perspective.

Create Street Appeal

A house that lacks street appeal but is still located in a great suburb or street. A suburb with fantastic views or a beautiful river.  A photo of the river, taken one block away might help convince somebody to visit the house. But a photo taken from where a second floor could be built to capture the views is worth so much more. 

Your Flying Camera will capture the view

A photo from street level or a google earth image will never provide a prospective buyer with the motivation to visit the house. 

Photos taken from your flying camera drone will simply blow them away, one photo can say so much. You are selling potential to a hungry crowd of buyers. A aerial photo of the true potential will further feed that need to visit your house over the hundreds that may be listed. 

There are some truly visionary investors who can see potential however most need a picture, a glossy photo to see the vision you see for the house.

A SIMPLE Camera Drone

This is where a simple camera drone can help to capture the perfect image from where that second floor could be or the beautiful valley just down the street. Display your vision to the buyer using a simple small a quite camera drone.

Aerial photography has previously been expensive, this was because previously you required a plane or helicopter and also a cameraman with a long telephoto lens to try capture the photo required.

Then came Large Hover drones fitted with large Heavy camera's such as the Canon 5D. You need a Drone Pilot and a Camera Operator to operate these larger machines safely. They are great for professional real estate photo and video shoots of large estates filming on high grade cameras.

 Large Hover Drones are great for capturing truly beautiful photos and amazing video. They are also large noisy and can be dangerous in tight spaces. Large Hover Drones used for professional filming normally start at $20,000, this is the staring price.

You will also need significant training to control these expensive machines safely.

In Australia CASA require strict licensing requirement to operate these larger over 2 KG drones as a real estate business. There is good reason as they can do a lot of damage in untrained hands. Visit our page detailing Drone Regulations for more info

The Drone Expert

The field of aerial photography is quickly being filled with any number of instant drone experts. Plenty of marketing hype but bugger all experience.

They will tell you that your only choice is to hire them and that a large noisy amateur built drone with a flimsy gimbal and large camera must be used.  That only they can take photo's with great results. WRONG

Drone Experts are a little like professional photographers, some are simply amazing others are just a hack with a camera drone.

Here at team drone we do not claim to be amazing photographers, videographers or to be great at cinematic aerial footage, however we do OK.

We also capture some great photos, video and can produce a cinematic movie effect when feeling creative. What we do is build and sell great machines that are EASY TO LEARN CHEAP TO RUN AND SAFE TO FLY.

To enable YOU to take GREAT Photo, Videos.

Expert or Amateurs

We are also very good at identifying the amateurs and the experts, to help you select the best people who can provide your business with amazing images.

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We can look at somebodies flying drone rig and quickly determine who has the knowledge to back their own claims. The photo from a $5000.00 drone can be just as effective as that taken from a $50,000 drone, it just depends on what results you require. Just as your iphone takes some of the great photos in life. Small cameras sensors are getting so much better for the size.

We believe for Real Estate photography YOU can be the expert in very little time with training and some practice. A small drone with a great camera can produce very effective photos in only a few minutes. Simple to Fly and Easy to Learn.

A good photo can be turned into a great real estate photo, all you need is a little post production, clean the photo up, adjust the color and crop the image down to size.

What you are left with is a very good aerial photo displaying the image you NEED. 

What Drone do you Need?

We believe you only require a Small Flying Camera Drone Package to produce the BEST photos at affordable prices for your real estate business. 80 percent of the time. 

A small ready to fly package that is easy to fly, simple to use and cheap to run and lets not forget yes it takes a great photos also.

This photo taken at the beautiful Watershed Winery in WA was taken when visiting for lunch one sunny afternoon.

I took this photo in 5 minutes. This is a raw image with no post production, its a very good start, with a few simple adjustments in your photo post production software, and a little cropping this would be a very unique image of the front entrance to this beautiful Winery.

The Best Professional Camera Drone

DJI Inspire 2 - This has to be the Camera Drone for professionals wanting to start a professional Drone Photo or Filming Business. The Inspire 2 is perfect for any Professional Real Estate filming job.

The DJI Inspire 2 - Click Here for more info

Small portable Real Estate Drone

Real Estate High Visibility Drone

High Visibility Real Estate Drones can display your willingness to conduct a transparent aerial photography business. You are not snooping in the suburbs you are conducting a professional business.  

Real Estate standard White Drone

Drone can be painted to your requirements, even have your logo painted on

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We build each Real Estate Drone package to YOUR needs or we can provide our standard Drone package. We can provide Drone flight training and can recommend RPAS training providers in your state.

We can provide our small portable drone package that we recommend for Real Estate agents or Real Estate Photographers.

We can also provide larger drones suitable for professional cameras and video production. These need dedicated training.

Another option if your just getting into Real Estate photography is to purchase a Phantom 4 Pro, for under $2000.00 you can purchase a fantastic Phantom 4 Pro with enough Batteries, recharging gear, a case, some ND filters and even some fast SD cards. 

Follow our link to DJI Direct to get the best prices on the internet. You can save upto $1500 dollars.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro: Click Here