Robot Lawnmower

Robotic Lawnmowers are gaining acceptance slowly, currently we see them only as small simple little green critters driving around a manicured lawn. They are not common but they will be.

Today there are a few, next year there will be many more and they are getting more advanced every year. 

Small Robot Lawnmower

Small Robotic Garden Lawn Mower

These small robotic lawnmowers normally rely on a guide wire placed around the perimeter of your lawn. The robot lawnmower bounce's off the wire signal like sheep off an electric fence. The robotic lawnmower does not set a pattern only coming home to the charging point to top it's batteries.

Cheap with a 2-3 year ROI

Medium Size Robotic Lawn Mowers

The Robotic Lawn mower that has the greatest potential to change how we use robots is by commercial contractors.

The contractor has taken over from the traditional in house lawn and garden management staff.

Many organisations have down sized from large maintenance staff to only one or two managers who now manage contractors to achieve the expectations of the management team.

All organisations are now confronted with reduced budgets and budget pressures. It is common to hear management complain that contractors are not up to expectations.

With all the these pressures it is time for contracted lawn care specialist to adopt robotic lawn mowers to reduce staff pressures, robot lawn mowers will not replace all of your people but they will reduce staff numbers or increase you productivity.

Your people will will now focus on high value tasks whilst monitoring several mowers at once. 

Tracked Mower