Thermal Camera Drone

Are you looking for a Thermal Camera Drone that will allow you to conduct operations at night, to see a person at distances of upto 1 km. A thermal camera will enhance any heat source allowing you to easily identify a human body or a vehicle that is hot. The engine, brakes and exhaust all generate a great deal of heat. 

FLIR Tua Series of Thermal Cores

We only use high quality thermal camera cores such as FLIR Tua series of Thermal Camera Cores

FLIR® Tau® 2 thermal imaging cameras offer an unmatched set of features, making them well-suited for demanding applications like Unmanned Airborne Vehicles Drones, thermal weapon sights, and handheld imagers. Improved electronics now give Tau 2 even more capabilities, including radiometry, increased sensitivity (<30mK), 640/60Hz frame rates, and powerful image processing modes that dramatically improve detail and contrast. Since the electrical function are common between the Tau 2 640, 336 and 324, integrators have direct compatibility between the different camera formats, and Tau camera versions share many of the same lens options.

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